• “Khawla is focused, diligent, reflective, trustworthy and supportive. Khawla was able to assess situations quickly, offering tools to create action plans that resulted in positive change and growth. I was very much pleased with the structure and focus of each session. We set objectives, identified my values, and tackled matters that were important to me. The experience has left me with better understanding of myself, better communication skills, and a balanced life.”   Mona Alsharif                                                                                                                                   
  • “I know Khawla for years now and had the privilege to witness her growing into an impactful coach and an inspiring leader. Nowadays Khawla is one of the best trained coaches in the region and she has an outstanding reputation in our field. Be it coaching or facilitating a workshop, she inspires. Through a heartfelt connection and courageous honesty.
    Want to shift gear? Khawla is the coach to go to.”   Alex C. Verlek van Tienhoven                                                    
  • “Khawla is bold and mighty. She practices what she preaches. Gently and persistently, her curious nature allowed me to be present and focus in the moment. The coaching process was enlightening and empowering, enabling me to move forward with a deeper sense of purpose.” Charmaine White                                                                            

  • “She gives inspiration all along the way. Even from the negative aspects of life she finds the opposite and most suitable positiveness in you. She has strong essence detection ability. She gives you tears during sessions but at the same time bunch of laughs. She leads you to find better in you and define yourself and your targets effectively. Thank you dear for being there and being my mentor at the same time. Your help is invaluable.”   Alaa Abdoon


  • “I had the pleasure to work with Khawlah on various occasions, the latest was to design a workshop we are going to deliver together (co-lead), Khawlah is an amazing diversified coach with various certifications that gives her the wide spectrum to connect and reach her clients and create for them the safe space they require to be fully engaged and open, Kahwalah’s  personality is unique, full of energy and joy and yet serious in her work commitments. i wish her all the best in her continuously advancing career.”    Nader Kliebo


  • “Khawla is very professional in her work and she has a unique way of reading people and getting in touch with their essence. Throughout my coaching experience with her She hold a very warm space for me, elevated me and helped me see the world around me with different lens. With her i felt empowered and free to be who am i truly. I also learned something very important that made me love myself  more which is that we are unique in our differences and that helped me reconnect with that inner power in me and appreciate it. For all of that I’m so thankful for her and her magic.”    Farah Almayyad


  • “ I have become more conscious of what it means to be authentic as a result of your influence. You, Coach Khawla, do not preach the values of leading an authentic life, but truly embody what it means to live through honouring one’s identity. Although you carry yourself with inspiring confidence, I don’t believe that’s why people listen to you and truly take your advice to heart. I believe they listen because they know they’ll get the truth. In fact, they’ll receive the most eloquent representation of the truth, that they won’t help but revaluate their entire thought process. Your unapologetic honesty has that power, the power to change a person’s entire approach to a given subject or situation. However, the strength that you possess is not unbalanced. On the contrary, just as you approach everything with a sense of purpose, you never fail to acknowledge the necessary emotions. Despite your logical mind, you have a warmth that surrounds your being. You’re not afraid of allowing the love within you to radiate beyond you. Your profound understating of generosity is a blessing to us all. Thank you for always sharing your love and knowledge.”    Leena Alfudhail

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